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Hill Manner

Greetings! Name’s Nate, I write under the pen name Hill Manner. I’m deep into the process of writing my first novel: by deep, I mean I’m halfway through my rough draft. Life has a funny way of grabbing your pen and taking you on flight’s of fancy at a moments notice. Tentatively titled “Gears of the Sparrow”, I hope to have the rough draft and editing done by fall of this year and querying by late Fall. Offline I’m an active duty USAF airman who just passed the 16 year mark in service, married, and a father to a teenage daughter, living in Dover, DE.

I’m in love with the steampunk aesthetic and culture, functional but fashionable. My head is awash with gears, smoke stacks and automatons, consistently cranking out new ideas but I’d be lying if I said those ideas come to fruition. When I’m not pursuing steampunk thoughts and ideas, you can find me working on the #WritingCommunity Newsletter, learn more below!