It's about Whats Next...

Alright, I admit it… I suck at blogging.

Pushing out regular content? my last post was in Aug right? Oi.

Anyway, First up:


Newsletter Updates

Progress continues…

So things have been pedaling along. We’re taking the Writing Community Newsletter in a new direction, this coming edition features a brand new layout using Adobe InDesign vs. the standard word document we’ve been using. It’s been a lot of fun watching it take shape! This among other changes are around the corner, we anticipate the bulk of them will occur between now and summer of 2020

We’re exploring new options compared to DropBox to host each edition, we’ve found it (DropBox) causes our readers to jump through unnecessary hoops to read the latest and greatest so we’re seeking a solution that enables a more seamless reading experience. Fingers crossed we’ll have that in place by the time the next edition drops!

If you haven’t subscribed, I humbly request that you consider it! Every edition is packed with articles related to writing, as well as interviews and advertising that supports the Indie Author community. Just follow this link here

Steamblogger Updates

On the news front; In order to spur my own efforts at keeping this blog updated as well as growing it, I’ve paid for a sponsorship slot for the Writing Community Convention, happening in 2021 in Houston. It’s still a long way off but I figure that gives me enough time to build this into a regular blog people might want to read, as well as give me the incentive to do so. Can’t very well go about paying for a logo and then just not use it… Right?

On a final note, after checking my newsletter subscribers, despite that 191 email addresses are still accepting my updates (or lack thereof, this place is covered in cobwebs I swear) I’ve suspended the mailchimp campaign until I’m no longer a boring fool with a blog he never updates.

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