All Aboard! New Writer Submissions Wanted

The right Honorable Professor J. Myers Proudly Presents!

Now accepting submissions! Feeling creative? Does the need to tell a story stir butterflies in the stomach? Looking to gain a little exposure but not sure where to start? Prof. J. Myers is soliciting submissions for his blog. The rules? Submit a story about a passenger riding the #26 Bus line, more details below:

  • 6-10,000 words

  • Prose or verse

  • Any time period, any tense, any perspective.

  • Fiction or non-fiction

  • Can be a memory or dream

  • Must have a protagonist

  • The protagonist must be traveling aboard The Number 26 bus line, or about to board, or a habitual commuter, or just stepped off.

That’s it. Once at the site, follow the link, or if you’re the expeditious type Click Here

Any Questions? Let us know in the comments!

The Adventure Begins!

Hark! Behold the Sounds of Steampunk!