Is a Change in Order?

Is a Change in Order?

For some time now, I’ve advertised to the #WritingCommunity on Twitter that anybody who wanted to advertise their blog or book release on my website was more than welcome to contact me and all they needed to do was email me to get on the weekly rotation.

I’m not gonna lie, I honestly figured I’d be more inundated with requests than I have been. This is either because people really don’t see the site as a worthwhile advertising medium, or… my calls for material are being missed in the cacophony of tweets emitted by the community on a daily basis.

I mean really, I’m but a drop in the sea of individuals that is the #WritingCommunity. We are massive.

Both of those scenarios are likely, if I’m honest though, imposter syndrome has me thinking the former rather than the latter but there isn’t really a way to be certain.

That said:

The contest would function like this.

  • Every week, the #WritingCommunity would be notified to drop the URL to their blog or book they want featured.

  • 6 total people would be chosen. 3 blogs, and 3 books.

  • I would then feature these 6 individuals and their work on the site.

  • The prize would, in effect, be free advertising for the week (I know, glamorous)

  • I could (If there was interest in it) “Sweeten the pot” as it were by giving each of the 6 people a badge they could display on their blog or website should they want to.

Something like “Steamblogger Certified” you know, something cheesy like that.

That’s it, pretty straight forward, fairly simple.

There’s a poll running on the @steamblogger Twitter account. Hopefully enough people participate.

This would also give me more of an excuse to tune into other writers works besides just my own. If you’re subscribed to this site (or even if you’re not) let me know your thoughts below.

Yay? Nay? Shut up and just stick to Yodeling you hack?

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