World Building

Early on, when my novel was but a notion peeking out from the recesses of my mind, I’d resolved to craft my novel in a world of my own design. Tolkien is great, Rowling is amazing, and the world at large offers many great sources of inspiration; but I wanted more.

I wanted a world that I created, a world with rich landscapes, colorful people, war, victory, strife and different continents. Each with their own countries and societies, weather systems, cultures, technological advancements, etc. I want my readers to have a visual when the intrepid Devil-Hand Bill and his Robot companion Marshall roar out of the Chiselton airfieldsin the Sparrow of Dawn, heading south towards Herea; I want a map that shows their route. When they get waylaid by air pirates enroute to the floating city of Whiteboar and they lose their smuggled cargo that leaves them in debt to a criminal syndicate, I want the reader to see exactly where that happened. In short, I want the details to match the story.

My debut novel is set in this world.

Unfortunately this world has yet to be named, I’ve identified continents, countries, and the world leaders with their leadership characteristics. Geography and major resources has also been put to paper but alas no name. So, In the spirit of completing my novel by the end of this month, I’ll start posting details about this world and as I progress I’ll even try to include maps; my hope is that by the end of April, I’ll have this world named as I start my first round of edits on my first draft.

~H.T. Manner

It's a process okay?

An Unlikely Crew (Part I)

An Unlikely Crew (Part I)