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Has it really been 5 days since I posted anything? Hmm…

Somewhere beneath where I am in our sitting room, I hear something bumping repeatedly against the wall. When I look under it, I find our overweight cat Geordi licking on a literal ball of dried catnip. I assume he’s enjoying what he’s doing because it’s been going on for a solid 3 minutes.

If you haven’t noticed, the book and blog advertisements have been static in the last couple weeks. I have three new books that I need to get put up, but just haven’t had the time. Between trying to get our house organized, cleaning, shift work, and a few other responsibilities… my creative outlets have been left alone for awhile.

Any time I put a call out for bloggers to feature their work or be featured, I get literal crickets. I mean.. it’s disheartening but it’s also surprising, I assume that bloggers write to be read, not just write for the sake of writing. This also brings me to the next point that as far as blogs go, instead of offering it to the blogging community as a whole, maybe I should start seeking blogs out that I want to feature and contact the blogger directly. Maybe that would mean more?

All that said, I’m not complaining but the 20 person uptick in my subscribers means that I’m putting something up that people like, whether it’s the features or the blog posts, which means my lack of activity (I feel) is a let down for them. I’ll need to fix that.

On a different note, the mosaic novel I’m writing with The Cog Collective is on it’s final chapter then we’ll roll into the editing phase. I’m doing a read through on everything we’ve written up to now for flow, dialogue, and clarity before we start the final chapter; that way there are no loose ends.

Finally, I’m finishing up Camp NaNoWrimo having not met my word count goal which is also disappointing but it gave me the kick the realize that my story isn’t going to write itself. Sorry to cut this off but I have some other things that need to get done.

Steamblogger Writing Prompt #1

Steamblogger Writing Prompt #1

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