It's a process okay?

A 10 year process.

I’ve spent ten damn years writing my debut novel and all I had to show for it at the beginning of april was three pages. If that’s not a monument to procrastination I don’t know what is!

Please keep that in mind before you flame me for being lazy, just trying to keep it real here.

That aside, with Camp NaNoWriMo in full swing, I opted to take it seriously for once this year.

Enter my working title “Gears of the Sparrow” as of today it’s sitting at 4754 words over 8 pages, no I havent put it in manuscript form, if I did that I’m sure the page count would look more impressive.

That’ll have to happen after I’ve completed it.

It is what I hope, will be a riveting tale of adventure, air pirates, sarcastic robots, and an absent-minded airship captain named Bill “Devil-Hand” Sraec, who hates other people so much he’s chosen to outfit his entire airship crew with robots instead of humans.

Together he and his First Mate, a Service-Bot named Marshall; will have to dodge the law, pay off numerous debts and deal with the feisty stowaway Emily Springear. An escapee from the infamous Warenoak Asylum, who’s director; Doctor Thompson, widely regarded to be the most knowledgable person in his field, has been conducting secret and inhumane experiments on his patients.

Will Emily bring down the sadistic doctor? Will she discover the real reason she was committed?

Will Bill and Marshall settle their debts?

I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Why Write?

World Building