Gears of the Sparrow (World Building)

It’d be disingenuous of me to say I’m “ahead of schedule” on my Camp NaNoWrimo writing.

9 days in and I’m at 12 pages w/5986 words with a 50k word goal by the end of the month. I suppose I need to buckle down!

Instead, a brief snippet about the world in which my novel(s) are/will be set.

Primary Continents: Traleria, Herea, Verea, Mavor, Cretern, Whiteboar Island


Traleria - Constitutional Monarchy

Herea - Dictatorship, self titled herself as a Queen

Verea - Dictatorship, self titled himself as a King

Cretern - Anarchy, land inhabited by nomadic tribes and warlords.

Whiteboar Island - Not a continent but worth mentioning. Floating airborne port, controlled by criminal syndicates.

Mavor - Communist state. A nation of majick users.

So… there’s a brief glimpse. If you’d like specifics, please let me know in the comment section! otherwise… I think I’m off to catch up on some sleep.

Guest Blogger - Cady Hammer

Guest Blogger - Cady Hammer

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