To my subscribers...

Good morning everyone!

While my skills with basic website building and graphic design are well… I think marketable. I confess I am still an amateur. So that said, if you receive any notifications that say there have been updates when in fact there haven’t been any, I apologize. I’m not sure if it does it when I make formatting changes.

So that said… some changes.

I’ve added a Ko-Fi button, if I’ve provided ad space for you or designed a graphic to advertise your blog and you were thrilled with how it turned out, I humbly request you consider a small donation. As usual, it’s not a requirement for me to work for you. Merely a request.

I can now be reached at as opposed to my gmail. The contact button has also been adjusted to send any messages to me at this spot.

Last but not least, you might have noticed a pop-up when you first arrive on the page, and while annoying; I’m seeking to extend my subscriber count so please… encourage any fellow writer friends who are looking for ad space to contact me. It’s a big website and I really want to fill it up.

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