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Steamblogger Writing Prompt #1

Steamblogger Writing Prompt #1

Good Morning and Welcome! to what I sincerely hope will be the first of many successful writing prompts and I really hope to see some excellent and creative responses to this.

So the way this is going to work is, once a week I’ll post a picture; if you intend to participate in the prompt, comment with the link to your blog and I’ll periodically check your page as the week goes on to see what you’ve come up with, if you don’t blog and still want to participate, that’s cool too! let me know in the comments and when you’re done send it along. Sometime during the weekend I’ll select a winner and they’ll receive a badge they can display or something (if they’re interested) maybe that’s lame, we’ll come up with a better prize.

Your response can be anything from poetry and haiku, to a short story. No limitations. I hope to see a lot of responses! The prompt is the thumbnail image attached to this post.

Authors retain all rights to their creative works.


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