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Things are Afoot!

Some big things are afoot here at steamblogger.com, maybe not big… but exciting, at least in my opinion.

I’ll be posting interviews with some great people in the Steampunk game. My first love as far as creatives go (besides my wife of course) is Steampunk and while I love promoting indie artists of all flavors and genres, what I really hope to find are other steampunk artists to display their work, be it custom clothing, writing or even art.

So, after a brief email discussion with Tom over at The Hopeless Vendetta, he’s agreed to an interview and a brief collaboration with steamblogger.com, maybe some more if it all works out in the end. Tentacles!

The second individual I had the pleasure of recently stumbling upon is one M. Holly-Rosing, of The Boston Metaphysical Society. (I have to admit, when I first read the title, I was taken to a plush parlor with mahogany walls, a roaring fireplace, and a number of gentlemen and ladies gathered around in brisk scientific discussion. )

A pleasant young lady who crafts steampunk style web comics, Ms… or is it Mrs… We’ll tackle that in the interview if it’s a necessary fact worth mentioning, has both a nomination and honorable mention from The Geekie Awards to tuck in her hat for prominent display from her work. After discussions with her, she’s also agreed to do an interview with more in store pending the interview and how it goes.

I confess… I’m terribly excited. I certainly hope you’ll give each of these artists a smidgen of your time and check out their works. I’ve included links in the text to their individual sites.

Extended Absences

Extended Absences

Steamblogger Writing Prompt #1

Steamblogger Writing Prompt #1