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Mozarella Bella
The English Fella

Charlie is an English student seeking to sell his sketches to enter an end-of-course exhibition at the Accademia and the chance to win a fully funded year of study in Rome. Only the tourists in the Via della Verita, the street of truth, aren’t really interested in Charlie’s work and Police Chief Romano is making his life and that of everybody else in the street a misery. 

Romano has been invoking an ancient by-law that forbids the bar and restaurant owners to feed the feral cats that populate the city of Rome. He has closed down nearly every business in the Via della Verita except La Margherita, a pizzeria run by the widower, Toni, and his disabled daughter, Maria. But Romano is biding his time.

Maria has to care for her father and run the family business, as well as complete her own studies at the Accademia. This has caused her to lose contact with all her friends leaving her feeling lost and alone.

Bella is a tortoiseshell cat. She had to leave her home town of Naples after she had killed another cat in a street fight. Bella earns her nickname - Mozzarella Bella - from Toni who feeds all the cats leftovers from his restaurant, a practice that earns him the wrath of Romano.

This is a story about three outsiders who find love and discover true friendship in the Eternal City: This is a story about three outsiders and the Eternal City, which holds up a mirror to the darkest of secrets: Roma e Amor. Rome is Love, and lies and murder... But the real truth is known only to the Gattara, the old act woman, only she knows there is no such thing as just another day in Rome.

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Ground Vehicles
the worlds

 No other time period is defined by its vehicles like the Victorian Era. From the early motor cars to the continent-wrapping locomotives, this was when humanity broke from muscle power and conquered the planet with steam and steel! This book includes:

  • Dozens of all-new ground vehicles for the Hive, Queen, and Country setting or any other Victorian Sci-Fi environment!

  • History of the Battle of Panama – the greatest battle between Humanity and the Hive – and other conflicts!

  • Statistics for the Hive, Queen, and Country vehicle combat system!

  • Statistics for Proving Ground Games’ Fields of Fire system!

Modeled on period publications such as Jane's or The Naval AnnualGround Vehicles of the Worlds features designs for dozens of vehicles for use in any steampunk or Victorian science fiction setting. In Hive, Queen and Country, these are the vessels that patrol the lands of Earth, have fought with the Hives, and are now opening the frontiers of Mars and Venus.

This book is ideal for RPG and Tabletop gaming!

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Guardians of Valhalla

The Guardians of Valhalla, is an adult contemporary fantasy novel about Joseph Michaels, an outdoorsman and S.P.C.A. volunteer worker who attempts to keep Cerberus from taking over dog heaven so he can collect the spirits that reside there waiting to reincarnate.

His intentions are to transform the dogs into dogs of the Underworld, Hellhounds, Laplaes, and Chupacabras, so he can go on to conquer other realms.

Guardians of Valhalla is available for Kindle and in paperback