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 attention all fantasy writers!

Fluff About Fantasy is a website designed for fantasy writers, with an emphasis on young writers who are just starting out with a new idea. When you’re just starting out, all of the research that goes into the novel writing process: world-building, character building, drafting, revisions, etc. can seem overwhelming at first. Here, you’ll find all of the best tools and advice all in one place, presented to you in an easy to understand format by a young fantasy writer herself. Cady Hammer walks you through the writing process, using her own work in progress as an example. You’ll also find information about her novel, Chasing Fae, which will be moving into the querying stage fall of 2019. It’s a great resource for fantasy writers old and new alike!

Best Articles:

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Worldbuilding Series: https://fluffaboutfantasy.com/category/worldbuilding/


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