Book/Blog Advertising

Are you a published author? Looking for free advertising? Let me know and I can post your release on our Featured Books or Featured Blogs page. Your ad will include a picture of the front cover and a synopsis, as well as a link to wherever you’re selling it. Can be any genre, author will have to accept a modicum of steampunk description as that is the aesthetic of the site but you’ll have veto power on the description. Author retains all rights.

Typical advertising includes two tweets from the official @Steamblogger twitter account to 3000+ followers (and growing daily) as well as advertisement on the Facebook page.

Display cycle for books will rotate on a weekly basis depending on demand.

Full-Page Feature

For a donation to my Ko-Fi of $15 USD, I’ll feature your book, blog or service on a page of its own.
What does that donation get you?

  • 7 days of exposure

  • Your feature will be the first thing site visitors see when they land on

  • Your book and a link to where it can be purchased will be mentioned in the weekly newsletter.

  • The Twitter writing community is always looking for new books to read, your book will be the first mentioned whenever someone asks for recommendations.

  • Links to any social profiles you request.

If you’re interested in this offer, Contact Us today!

Artists and Service Providers?

Are you an artist? just trying to get your foot in the door? Are you an editor or proofreader trying to bolster your client list? Let me know and we can display a gallery of your works or a listing of authors you’ve worked for on our Featured Services page. Ad will include a link to a website of your choice. Artist retains all rights.

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Legal Stuff: does not guarantee an increase in traffic or sales by advertising through us. This is a private website with no connections to any advertising agencies. I know how hard it is for indie authors and artists to generate attention, this is my way of helping.