Dialogue & Details

This morning I woke up with the intention of dropping 2K worth of words into my manuscript before lunch. I made it to about 500 when suddenly the proverbial well ran completely dry. It was like the gates had been shut and nothing was flowing.

Mildly frustrated. I broke off, went to go putter around, played some video games, and eventually we left the house to take a drive to the next town over to visit the REI there. The wife had to pick some things up she ordered online and before I knew it we were pulling into the drive back home and it was 1030 at night. Where the hell did the time go?

Anyway, when it was all said and done, I managed to make my 2K worth of words after she went to bed, it always seems easier to get dialogue and details down when the house is quiet save for whatever fantasy or epic fantasy playlist I have running. At the end of this session I reached that moment where I felt like I accomplished something.

I felt as winded as my MC who’d just finished fighting off a pirate crew trying to board his airship before the law caught up with them and they had to make a break for it. (I promise it’s more exciting then I made it sound there)

.Moments like these are what I enjoy about writing.

Today’s session inspired by the following YouTube Playlist:

2-Hours Epic Music Mix

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Not Writing Related

Life is grand, and I didn't write much this weekend.